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Paul Batesel is an emeritus professor of English at Mayville State University in North Dakota.  A native of Missouri, he holds a B.S. in Education degree from Southwest Missouri State College, and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Missouri.    He has published three baseball books—Major League Baseball Players of 1916 (McFarland, 2007), Major League Baseball Players of 1884 (McFarland 2011), and Players and Teams of the National Association 1871-1875 (McFarland, 2012).


Research on closed colleges is a hobby, so this website is created and maintained as a non-commercial operation.   The author thanks all libraries, museums, and individuals who have helped in this research and provided images.  He has attempted to obtain permission for all images used and to follow the terms and conditions for their use.  But he will promptly remove any image which a holder feels he has misused. 


Please note:  I do not have student records from any of these institutions.   I have no affiliation with any of them.


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