Alabama Presbyterian College

         Birmingham College

         Birmingham Medical College

         Daniel Payne College

         Huntsville College

         Jackson Agricultural College

         Southern University 

         St. Bernard College

         The Taylor School

Lost Colleges By State



            Campbell College

            Clarke Memorial College

            Jefferson College

            Mary Holmes Seminary

            Mississippi Industrial College

            Okolona Industrial School

            Prentiss Normal and Industrial Institute

            Saint Stanislaus College

            South Mississippi College

            Southern Christian Institute


          Sheldon Jackson College


         Brophy College

         Tucson Indian Training School



          California Western University

          Los Angeles Pacific College

          Mare Island Naval Apprentice School

          Sacred Heart College


          Arnold College of Physical Education


          District of Columbia Teachers College

          Federal City College

          Miner Teachers College

          Wilson Teachers College


            Columbia College

            East Florida Seminary

            Florida Agricultural College

            Florida Baptist Seminary

            Palmer College

            West Florida Seminary


            Billings Polytechnic Institute

            College of Montana

            Intermountain Union College

            Montana Wesleyan College


            Bellevue College

            Cotner University

            Dana College

            Grand Island Business & Normal College

            Grand Island College

            Hiram Scott College

            Lincoln Medical College

            Luther Junior College

            Nebraska Central College

            Omaha Commercial College

            Omaha Medical College

            Red Cloud Business College

            University of Omaha



            Baron de Hirsch Agricultural School

            Panzer College of Physical Education

            South Jersey Institute

            Upsala College



            Montezuma College

            St. Michael's College



            Americus Institute

            Atlanta University

            Baptist University of America

            Bowdon College

            Haines Institute

            Lanier University

            Locust Grove Institute

            Macon State College



            Albion State Normal College

            Gooding College





            Bellevue Hospital Medical College

            Brooklyn City College

            Claverack College

            College of St. Francis Xavier

            De Veaux College

            Eastman Business College

            Holy Angels' College

            Jamaica Training School for Teachers

            New York College of Dentistry

            Rochester School of Optometry

            Starkey Seminary


            American College of Medicine and Surgery

            American College of Physical Education

            Armour Institute of Technology

            Bennett Medical College

            Central YMCA College

            Chicago College of Dental Surgery

            Chicago Technical College

            Chicago Veterinary College

            Dixon College

            Ewing College

            Greer College

            Hahnemann Medical College

            Hedding College

            Lewis Institute 

            Lombard College

            Mount Morris College

            Northwestern University Dental School

            St. Viator College

            Shurtleff College

            Webster College of Law

            William and Vashti College


            Borden Institute

            Canterbury College

            Central Normal College

            Concordia College

            Fort Wayne Medical College

            Indiana Dental College

            Marion Normal College

            Medical College of Indiana

            Union Christian College

            University of Indianapolis


            Amity College

            Cedar Valley Seminary

            Charles City College

            Des Moines University

            Elliott’s Business College

            Ellsworth College

            Gates Waterloo Business College

            Highland Park College

            Humboldt College

            Keokuk Medical College

            Leander Clark College

            Lenox College

            Midwestern College

            Memorial University

            Parsons College

            Sioux City College of Medicine

            Tabor College

            Trinity College

            Western Normal College

            Westmar College

            Wilton College


            Bingham Military School

            The Bingham School, Mebane

            Brick Junior College

            Immanuel Lutheran College

            Kittrell College

            North Carolina Medical College

            Rutherford College

            Weaver College



            Bruflat Academy

            Fargo College

            Red River Valley University

            State Normal and Industrial School


            Alfred Holbrook College

            Case Institute of Technology

            DeSales College

            Franklin College

            John Marshall School of Law

            Lima College

            Miami Medical College

            Nelson Business College

            Oberlin Business College

            Ohio College of Dental Surgery

            Ohio Medical College

            Scio College

            Western Reserve University



            Carver Chiropractic College

            Hargrove College

            Haskell State School of Agriculture

            Indianola College

            Kingfisher College

            Oklahoma Christian College

            Oklahoma Military Academy

            Oklahoma Presbyterian College

            Oklahoma State Baptist College

            Phillips University

            St. Gregory's College



            Columbia College

            Mount Angel College

            North Pacific Dental College

            Oregon Institute of Technology

            Philomath College

            Portland University



            Campbell College

            College of Emporia

            Kansas City University

            Kansas Industrial and Educational Institute

            Kansas Medical College

            Kansas University of Commerce

            St. John’s College

            St. Joseph's College and Military Academy

            St. Mary of the Plains College

            St. Mary’s College

            State School of Mines and Metallurgy

            Western University


            Bethel College

            Central University

            Lees College

            Lincoln Institute

            Louisville Municipal College

            McLean/South Kentucky College

            Ogden College

            St. Mary’s Seminary and College

            Sue Bennett College

            West Kentucky Industrial College


            Coleman College

            Jefferson College

            Leland College

            New Orleans University

            St. Charles College

            Straight University


            East Maine Conference Seminary

            Ricker Classical Institute


            Atlantic Medical College

            Baltimore Medical College

            College of Physicians and Surgeons

            Blue Ridge College

            Maryland Medical College

            Mount Saint Joseph's College

            Rock Hill College


            Boston State College

            Bryant and Stratton School

            Burdett College

            Fore River Apprentice School

            Hyannis State Teachers College

            Massachusetts College of Osteopathy

            Massachusetts State College-Devens


            Battle Creek College

            Detroit Bible College

            Detroit City College

            Detroit College of Medicine

            Detroit Institute of Technology

            Grand Rapids Veterinary College

            Jordan College

            Michigan Military Academy




            Duluth Junior College

            Golden Valley Lutheran College

            Lea College

            Luther Seminary

            Minneapolis College of Physicians & Surgeons

            Park Region College

            Parker College

            Pillsbury Baptist Bible College

            Red Wing Seminary

            St. Paul College of Law


            Barnes Medical College

            Carleton College

            Central Medical College

            Central Wesleyan College

            Chillicothe Business College

            Christian Brothers College

            Columbia Normal Academy

            Ensworth Medical College

            George R. Smith College

            Grand River College

            Iberia Academy

            Kansas City College of Pharmacy

            Kansas City Dental College

            Kansas City Medical College

            Kansas City School of Law

            Kansas City Veterinary College

            Kemper Military Academy

            Kidder Institute

            Marion Sims-Beaumont Medical College

            Marionville College

            Marvin College

            Missouri Wesleyan College

            Monett Junior College

            Ozark Wesleyan College

            Pike College

            St. Joseph Veterinary College

            St. Paul’s College

            St. Louis College of Physicians and Surgeons

            Scarritt Collegiate Institute

            Scarritt-Morrisville College

            Springfield Normal College

            Stanberry Normal College

            Tarkio College

            University Medical College

            Wentworth Military Academy

            Western Dental College

            Will Mayfield College



            Alliance College

            Carlisle Indian School

            Central Pennsylvania College

            Dickinson School of Law

            Easton School of Business

            Hahnemann Medical College

            Medico-Chirurgical College

            Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery

            Philadelphia Dental College

            Schuylkill Seminary




            Brainerd Institute

            Friendship College

            Harbison College

            Medical College of South Carolina



            Canton Lutheran Normal

            Columbus College

            Huron College

            Redfield College

            Southern State College

            Wessington Springs Seminary

            Yankton College



            American Temperance University

            Bolton College

            Bryson College

            Burritt College

            Cobb & Nichols School

            Dixie College

            George Peabody College for Teachers

            Knoxville College

            Lambuth College

            LeMoyne College

            Morristown College

            Murphy College

            Nashville University

            Nelson Merry College

            Roger Williams University

            Walden University

            Washington College


            Bishop College

            Bryan Baptist Academy

            Burleson College

            Butler College

            University of Dallas

            Dallas Medical College

            Daniel Baker College

            Dixie University

            Eastman College and Conservatory

            Fort Worth University

            Grayson College

            Henry College

            Jefferson University

            St. Basil's College

            Samuel Huston College

            Stamford College

            Tharp Spring Christian College

            Wesley College

            Westminster College



           All Hallows College

           Brigham Young College


           Green Mountain College



            Eastern College

            Frederick College      

            Fredericksburg College

            Fredericksburg Normal and Industrial Institute

            Medical College of Virginia

            Old Point Comfort College

            St. Albans School

            St. Paul's College

            University Medical College


            Columbia Lutheran College

            Spokane College

            Spokane University

            Vashon College

            Washington College








          Alderson Academy

          Allegheny Collegiate Institute

          Broaddus College

          Shelton College

 Storer College


            Campion College

            Central Wisconsin College

            Gale College

            Kenosha College of Commerce

            Madison Business College

            Milton College

            Milwaukee Medical College

            Mount Senario College

            Northwestern College

            Pio Nono College

            Platteville Normal College

            Racine College

            Wisconsin College of Physicians and Surgeons

            Wisconsin School of Mines