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Miami Medical College

Cincinnati, Ohio



The Virtual Library of the University of Cincinnati has most of the Miami Medical College Bulletins.  Centaur, a publication of Alpha Kappa Kappa fraternity, has a short history of the college.  The image of Dt. Mussey  (right) is from Wikipedia.


Miami Medical College was founded in 1852 by Dr. Reuben Mussey, described as a “disgruntled” faculty member of Medical College of Ohio.  He and eight other Cincinnati doctors wanted a college in which the students were in closer touch with their professors than was possible in larger medical schools.  The first graduation class of 1853 contained five members. 


From 1857 until the end of the Civil War, the two rival Cincinnati medical schools were joined; however in 1865 Miami Medical College again became a stand-alone entity.  It remained a relatively small school.  The 1865 reopening had 156 students.  In 1905 enrollment was 99 with 27 graduates.  In 1903 Laura Memorial Women’s College merged with Miami and for the first time Miami admitted and graduated women. 


By 1905 when The Centaur reviewed the school, the course of instruction was four years of eight months.  A high school diploma, freshman standing at a recognized college, a life teaching certificate, or an examination was required for entrance. Miami prided itself on the practical aspects of medicine.  Students gained clinical experience at Cincinnati Hospital as well as St. Mary’s, Christ’s, Episcopal, and German Deaconess Hospitals.


The College was one of the original members of the Association of American Medical Colleges.  It also had a chapter of the Alpha Kappa Kappa medical fraternity.


In 1909 Miami Medical College again merged with the Medical College of Ohio, creating the Ohio-Miami Medical College of the University of Cincinnati. 

12th Street Building (<>) accessed 1-31-2017


Bricks and Mortar

Miami Medical College opened on the corner of Fifth and Central.  In 1865 the college reopened in the Dental College building on College Street.  The final home for the College was 217 W. 12th Street between Elm and Plum.  This location was convenient, being across from Cincinnati Hospital.  The 1880-81 bulletin notes that this allowed students immediate access to the medical library and clinic hall of the hospital.


Around 1880 the school was able to acquire adjoining property to enlarge the building, increasing the size of classrooms and adding chemical,  histology and pathology laboratories, as well as clinical space and waiting rooms for patients.


Today that building is still in use.  Looking a bit down at the heels, it is now the Drop-inn Center-Over the Rhine.  Turning none away, it shelters the homeless and provides meals and medical and other services for those in need.

Reuben Mussey_edited.jpg


College Football Data Warehouse shows that Miami Medical played some football between 1902 and 1905.  The 1902 team was the busiest—playing five games against Norwood High School, Clifton Athletic Club, Nelson Business College, Eclectic Medical College, and Ashland College. 


It is doubtful that the college provided support for a sports program.

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